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With an optional charging pad, you can power the Lumia wirelessly.

Nokia Lumia 520 - Offline GPS Navigation and Setup No SIM Activation

There's a standard USB plug on the bottom if you want to charge up the old-fashioned way. Here are the volume and power buttons.

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The third button at the bottom is a dedicated camera button for quickly snapping photos. Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 software focuses on Live Tiles, tiny apps that update in real time on your home screen. Tapping the tile launches the full app.

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The People app pulls in data from social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter so you can see all your contacts' status updates and photos in one place. Unfortunately, it can get kind of messy. You're better off using a dedicated app for each service.

But the People app also stores your "normal" contacts list.

Nokia's City Lens augmented reality app for Lumia Windows Phones comes out of beta

The Lumia ships with Nokia's excellent mapping application. It's just as good as Google Maps and much, much better than Apple Maps. Nokia's City Lens app is an augmented reality tool that lets you find nearby locations by category. Let's give it a try We asked City Lens to find nearby restaurants. Locations pop up on the screen as you move the camera around. It's a unique way to find venues, but not entirely practical. Microsoft's Xbox Music app, which is a lot like Spotify, ships with the Lumia If you have an Xbox, you should give it a try.

10 things you need to know about the Nokia Lumia | Microsoft Devices Blog

It's a great app. Oddly enough, Nokia included its own streaming music app too. Review the Windows Phone Terms of Use then tap accept to continue with setup.

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Connect to Wi-Fi or tap skip. Select an option to choose phone settings: recommended If selected, skip to step 8. From the 'Keep your life in sync' screen, tap Sign in or create one , starting at step 7.

If Sign in later is selected, skip to step Enter the Microsoft Account Email address and Password then tap next. If presented with the 'Restore phone' screen, tap the device to restore your data from or tap 'don't restore', then tap next. If presented with the 'Back up?

If presented with the 'Cortana ' set up screen, tap not now, thanks. Refer to Set Up Cortana to set up at a later date.