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Basic Trial Version Usage: Mobile Spy is for monitoring your underage child or employee with proper consent. Evaluate the full use of the software for 7 days at no charge. Use the same account if you wish to continue using after the trial. Full support and documentation are included for trial users.

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Stalkerware enables stealing images and text messages, eavesdropping on phone calls, and covertly recording conversations made over the internet. Stalkerware may be able to also intercept app communications made through Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, and iMessage. Both terms, spyware and stalkerware, relate to similar malicious software functions. However, the latter is deemed more personal in use.

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In order to avoid potential legal issues and alienating clients, many spyware solutions providers will market their offerings as services for parents seeking a way to monitor their child's mobile device usage or for business owners to keep an eye on their staff's online activities during work hours. Retina-X, makers of PhoneSheriff , marketed their spyware software solution, for example, as "parental control for mobile. PhoneSheriff, developed for the Google Android operating system, permitted location monitoring via GPS, recorded calls, enabled access to text messages, and logged websites visited.

The spyware was also able to block contacts, websites, and apps. The company, which also developed TeenShield, SniperSpy, and Mobile Spy, closed its doors last year after a hacktivist said they would " burn them to the ground ," as the hacker deemed the business immoral. Now, Retina-X has stopped taking orders for the software and is offering pro-rated refunds to contracted users. When these types of software are used at home, there are few reasons which do not lean towards toxic relationships.

With the evolution of technology, so too has domestic abuse changed. Sometimes, stalkerware is used to monitor partners and spouses covertly, or occasionally with the full knowledge of the victim. Spyware and stalkerware are found less commonly in the enterprise although some software solutions are marketed for companies to keep track of employee mobile devices and their activities.

The lines here can be blurry, but if a mobile device belongs to a company and is used by a staff member in full knowledge that it is tracked or monitored, then this may be considered acceptable.

In these cases, employees should keep their private lives, social media, and emails on their own smartphone or tablet and off company property. MobileTracker, FoneMonitor, Spyera , SpyBubble , Spyzie, Android Spy , and Mobistealth are a few more examples of stalkerware which offer similar features, among many, many more in what has become a booming business.

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It is also worth noting that you can be tracked by legitimate software which has been abused. Whether or not GPS is turned on, some information recovery apps and services designed to track down a handset in the case of loss or theft can be turned against victims to track their location instead. Spyware and stalkerware need to find a way to infiltrate a victim's mobile device. Most of the time, this is simply done by installing the software on to the device physically, thus giving the app all the permissions it needs at the same time.

However, there are also remote options which do not need physical access. These versions will use the same tactics of cybercriminals -- a link or email attachment sent together with its malicious package. If you find yourself the recipient of odd or unusual social media messages, text messages, or emails, this may be a warning sign and you should delete them without clicking on any links or downloading any files. Should stalkers employ this tactic, they need you to respond to it. In order to ensure this, messages may contain content designed to induce panic, such as a demand for payment, or they could potentially use spoofed addresses from a contact you trust.

There's no magic button to send spyware over the air; instead, physical access or the accidental installation of spyware by the victim is necessary.

In the case of potential physical tampering, it can take mere minutes for spyware to be installed on a device. If your mobile or laptop goes missing and reappears with different settings or changes that you do not recognize, or perhaps has been confiscated for a time, this may be an indicator of compromise. Surveillance software is becoming more sophisticated and can be difficult to detect. However, not all forms of spyware and stalkerware are invisible and it is possible to find out if you are being monitored. Android: A giveaway on an Android device is a setting which allows apps to be downloaded and installed outside of the official Google Play Store.

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If enabled, this may indicate tampering and jailbreaking without consent. Not every form of spyware and stalkerware requires a jailbroken device, however. There is an app available in the Play Store called Root Checker that can check for jailbreaking on your behalf.

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