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I had to delete it manually. Trivial thing actually. Thanks for a nice user-friendly tool. Is there a way to get rid of phooks. But both phooks. Strange that W2K is not even started — nevertheless these files cannot be deleted in any way tried attrib -R. Also there is only one last known good version of W2K that I can choose — and that is the one with the Rootkit trying to do an in depth scan resulting in Blue Screen.

Any chance not to reformat the disk? It would be days of work to reinstall all programms. I think i had been somewhat blind not to find the last good configuration of the OS before bluscreens are scaring. I do not see any file of the rootkit now — are they deleted when run once? Michael, glad you got it running. Victor, I lost your comment during the migration to the new blog. Re-posting here: — installed it but it has an error msg has has to shut down each time i try to run the program.

The re-boot process goes into a loop and also blocks my F8 capability to do a Safe Mode, etc. All users are blocked out by re-boot loop after entering password. I have Windows XP Home. Now all I have is a dead laptop. Going to F8 and rebooting to last known config was no help either. Not happy. Kevin, try closing all the running applications, restart your machine and try again from scratch. Need to try something for spyware saw your site on Kim Komando and thought I would give it a try. Like others who have posted, version 1. I downloaded version 1. Works for me mike. Having same problem as Kevin Markey — version 1.

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When I attempt to run version 1. Curious as to why, should I clean it, leave it alone…etc.. I cannot even start it. I get the same error as with my antivirus. I need a trust program to my problem. But this window stop all install.

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Is there anyone still helping with blue screen phooks. Reboot and you should be good to go. When I run the rootkit, it always says that there is a rootkit detected in the Symantec file, hidden. When I deactivate the Ad-aware, it runs the scan fine, telling me there is a rootkit in Symantec. These are the only probs I am having so far. Thanks for offering this product. Hopefully all the kinks will get worked out soon enough. Granny, could you please email me and send me a report of the anti-rootkit scan that detects the Symantec file as hidden?

Btw the Ad-aware issue has been reported before so I recommend you always deactivate it before running a scan with Panda Anti-Rootkit.

I understand from a n net article that the new EA game, which I have purchased and installed, contains a rootkit. I wish to remove spore and the rootkit from my PC. But the articles I found on how to do so all make me worry about it removing it. I found this site and wanted to now if Panda has any plans to make a remove tool for the root kit in Spore? Download and run it and post back your results.

Hi, I ram Pand Antirootkit 1. However, I cannot select them for removal. Any ideas how to get rid of them? I would like to get a Results Report when running from the commandline in a script?

Thanks for your help. When attempting to perform the in-depth-scan, my system halted with a blue screen after the initial splash screen of my anti-virus-sw had been displayed. My system runs on XP 5. Best regards, Thomas. It worked in a couple of minutes, while Mcafee, that Gateway computers subscribed me to never did. I ran Panda Anti-Rootkit and now my pc continously reboots itself after it logs into windows. Rob, during the reboot press F8 and load the "Last known good configuration".

Let me know if this works for you. Hay otra version para window? Saludos, Panda Security. Your email address will not be published. We consider "unknown" a rootkit for which Panda AntiRootkit does not have a deactivation routine. This does not mean that Panda does not know about the rootkit. Rather that we have not yet included the full deactivation routine in Panda AntiRootkit.

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But now you'll be able to deactivate all rootkits. By default you'll be presented with deactivation of known rootkits plus the option to deactivate any unknown rootkits found on your system. Deletes registry keys transparently. Up to version 1. Some leftover keys made some users worry about incomplete deactivation. Cleaner interface. We have cleaned the results window for a more efficient use of available space.

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Now a mouse-over a detected object will present you with its type file, process, ADS, registry, etc. Various improvements have also been made to the disinfection of unknown rootkits, some false positives reported by some of you, and more deactivation routines. Alternative download link here.

View Post. Panda Beta Now Open. Behavioral Blocking Rules.

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Thanks in advance. Is it dangerous? Is the rootkit under a freeware license or a shareware license? So can I run this on corporate machines or only my own personal machine? I do IT consultant work so the software if used would be used under many machines. Question: Any Vista Anti-rootkit available?

Panda is only 1. The software deleted some of my system files. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Any help would be appreciated. TIA Kevin. No other applications running and restarting makes no difference.

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