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How To Find A Lost Or Stolen Samsung Galaxy S5

Flag Post Message 3 of 4. For some reason it doesn't show up on my s5.

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Flag Post Message 4 of 4. Interesting perspective about the possible future openness of Apple. It would be refreshing and welcome! My preference is to support companies which have a broader market view which would include support for all the major platforms including iOS. Great thread of comments and great initial review.

I agree that the gear fit looks like a serious piece of equipment. At last someone is trying to raise the bar with a fitness band. The competition is going to heat up this year or a lot of manufacturers will be exiting the market even quicker than they climbed in. I will be very interested to see the battery life and weight of the gear fit. Not to mention the price. Its a great looking piece of equipment but like an earlier comment mentioned, there are going to be neck injuries reading it.

I am a serious runner and i use a garmin xt for training. On the other wrist i have a basis B1 and that never comes off. There has been a lot of discussion about heart rate accuracy with the optical sensors and rays reviews on the amigo are essential reading but i am very happy with the basis for 24 hour monitoring and trends like heart rate recovery hours after a run and after heart rate after eating. The basis b1 is so light you hardly know its there.

Heaven knows why they offered a much heavier metal bracket. I have had no issues with it falling off even when i fell heavily on a run and banged my head pretty hard.

Real-Time GPS Tracking Samsung Galaxy S5

And 5 days is with a screen which can hardly be seen in daylight. Anyway sorry to go on but the devil will be in the details with the gear fit for serious athletes. For joe public its a no brainer… The gear fit just looks beautiful. And one last thing…. Basis is on the way and their sleeping tracking is very interesting and motivational but we need to know what it really means. Thanks everyone again for such an enjoyable set of comments and review and congratulations again to samsung from an apple diehard for finally getting ahead with a potentially game changing fitness wearable..

Congrats Ray! I agree with the reader above entirely, your site is a joy to read.

Thanks Alice — I appreciate it! My question is does it actually save any data on the device or does it just show the information and then if you wanted to use it for tracking purposes it would need to be saved on a smartphone at the same time or even. Something like how the MIO devices work. Also I agree with the comment above that this site is great and I really love the in-depth reviews that you give to all the devices.

It saves it on the device and displayed it during activity and this is transferred to S Health on the Samsung phone. From there you could upload it to various partners. Thank you for the reply! Was there any mentions on how much data could be saved on the device before needing to be dumped or will we need to wait until closer to launch for that information.

I am interested about this device and the epson pulsense so any information you post I am definitely appreciative. No worries, I can talk with those folks on the side and have been.

As for data, no, no clarity on the activity tracker side there. Finding technical folks with actual knowledge was incredibly difficult. If you talk to the Epson guys, could you please ask how often their units reads HR? Thanks for your awesome job of keeping all of us other geeks up to speed.

How to Find a Lost or Stolen Android Phone

Like the look of these devices, and optical HR seems like a killer feature if it works reliably during activity. But, man that phone is ugly, looks cheaply made, and their proprietary software is poor. Forced pairing of the wearables and phone without having both up to the same standards seems like a way to sink a good new product line.

This is just the usual shoddy, half working, Samsung junk. The motion sensor in the iPhone 5s combined with apps is far more useful and Apple has big plans beyond that for the medical and health care space. There are a bunch of apps btw that use the iPhone camera to monitor resting heart rate and they have been around for years. For me this would be a killer feature, most notably for bike computer apps such as IpBike, but also for e-book reader apps like Cool Reader. But some kind of measurement dedecting fatigue due to overtraining would be really helpful, as endorphins made me ignore such fatigue more than once in the past.

I also agree smartwatches will be the future. We are starting to see the first usable products. I know it provides integration with runtastic and endomondo. I think it is one of the serious competitor for these new Samsung stuff. A review on dcrainmaker would be great! Any discussion of what will be available in the Gear SDK?

Is it possible to track Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5/S4/S3?

Hmm, I can ask a few folks. In talking with some of the companies that have access to it, things are a bit…slim. Then connects to USB. Here is what Firstbeat is providing: link to firstbeat. Hi Ray, sorry, now in English: A report on the Gear 2 would be great. Now even Samsung has an optical heart rate sensor, even though they are not specialists for heart rate measurement.

Why not create Polar, Garmin, Timex and Suunto, to integrate an optical heart rate sensor, although they are specialists for heart rate measurement and they know that a chest strap for many runners is annoying? Adidas have done this — link to dcrainmaker. I would also prefer to keep these as seperate devices as I like to wear the watch above clothes where I can see it in the winter and not against my wrist.

A seperate wrist worn heart rate monitor would be best for me — like the Mio and its a Mio sensor inside the Adidas. While wearing my Garmin Xt with the quick unmount band , I encountered a head on collision during an open water swim.

How to Find a Lost Galaxy S5

Make no mistakes, I loved my Garmin and miss it dearly. But I have been slow to reorder it, because of the Fennix 2 coming and also these other companies coming out with some killer fitness watches. I also thought the Garmin replacement should have a color screen too. If Samsung or Apple were to come out with a hardcore Multisport swimming included watch, Garmin would be in some serious trouble.

I find this Samsung watch to be absolutely gorgeous.

My dream device would be the form factor of the Samsung Gear Fit with the true multisport functionality of the Garmin Ah, I would never take the thing off, except to let my skin breathe a few minutes. I think it is only a matter of time, before a company figures out how to merge the needs of the hardcore fitness folks like us with the needs of the casual fitness enthusiasts.

Just like Apple did to cell phones, someone will do with these fitness watches. Tom Tom came close, but lost me on the lack of swimming features. Garmin has it all in the , minus the sexiness and phone support. It will be interesting to see who gets it right first? In any event, I think the watch I dream about is a couple of years away. That really comes down to apps, not the phone directly. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a phone that looks and feels like another top-end S-series phone.

It offers loads of new features, and some much-needed improvements to the Samsung interface. The smart functions of the watch are fantastic, texts, calls, notifications from Facebook etc. Any reason to think the Samsung Gear Live watch will be better? I am toying with the idea of using only phone tracking when I retire my Forerunner Not sure about fitness trackers or smart watches.

I am still wondering if I need want HRM. I tried Samsung support and they told me to make sure the Bluetooth was turned on. I think this question is a little outside of their expertise. Yes me too. Samsung help had no clue. Upgraded to S5 and been worthless since then. Any idea if this can be done?