How to be a husband

We should strive to be our husbands biggest supporter. His biggest champion and cheerleader. Let him know that you approve of him. Let him know, in words, how proud you are of him for standing up and leading your family. Women are compared to dainty butterflies and men are compared to clumsy buffaloes. We eat butterfly food, they eat buffalo food.

Marriage Expectations

You kinda get the picture, right? He needs fed buffalo food. Trust me, it will change the way you view love, marriage, and your husband. Your husband needs to know that you have confidence in him to lead your family. After all, God did place man at the head of the household.

The Checklist:

He also needs to know that you have the confidence in him to stand behind his decisions. Even if they are bone-headed. This is supporting him in all he does. Our husbands face sinful temptations multiple times a day. Your husband needs your prayers to fight these temptations and keep them at bay. The power of a praying wife can change his world and yours too.

Here are 31 prayers to blanket your husband in prayer every day. Far from it. Your husband needs more from you than you probably realize. Sit down together and ask him what he needs from you. I guarantee you he will list at least half of this list. If you have the 5 Love Languages r,ead it again. Find out what food your buffalo needs. If this post was helpful to you comment below and PIN or share.

What are some ways you intentionally show your husband how much he means to you? I love this. I remember our 5th year mark.

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Congrats on the 5 years and many more to come. I desperately needed to read this today. Since we added our bundle of joy to the family, we have bickered quite a bit. I definitely need to pause and try to love him the way he deserves to be loved. Thank you! Cayla, we bickered quite a bit in those years of adding babies to our family. It was always tough when we had a new baby. I understand. Great topic. I appreciate the honesty in this post. Such a good read!

I had to learn to adjust my praise meter to a higher level when my husband became disabled because of back issues, him not being able to work until a decision of disability is made has caused him to struggle in the area of self worth. I realized then that prayer for him and encouraging had to happen every day!!

How To Be A Better Husband

April, yes that is so true! That can definitely throw a blow to your husbands self worth and self esteem and they definitely need extra prayers and praises during that time. Just like you said- Seasons of life changes what we all need from our spouse. All wonderful suggestions and very useful. Key is to talk with our husband they are all different. Yes to all of these!! We want to find new ways to love each other well.

10 Things Every Wife Needs To Do For Her Husband

All very good points. These are very well thought out suggestions I agree with all of them. Great job on explaining each one. I absolutely loved the post! This was a very good read. Very good read to make me focus on his feelings more than my own.

Not sleeping with other women, but secret FB full of women and secret texts and messages. This is when I say get professional help. Awesome read! Every person that is married should read this.

How to Be a Better Husband: 5 Easy Ways

Marriage is a work of art. And it is never ending! We all need to be reminded of these loving facts from time to time. I absolutely loved this! I am fixing to go buy the 5 Love Languages book right now! Last your was a really hard time for my husband and I we had almost got a divorce over things both of us had done. He on the other hand was talking to other females behind my back and it had been going on for a while.

So I forgave and forgot and now we are both doing wonderful things together! I am going to take this post and use it every day for the rest of my life! Thank you so much for this great advice. Charla, Thank you. You have a wonderful testimony here. This is the fundamental impenetrable puzzle of love. I have no idea what to do about this. But great husbands have this reality in mind at all times. Make time just for the two of you. It will not happen if you do not make it happen.

Plan it and do it. Allowing work, hobbies, or other interests to keep you from spending time with your wife will deaden emotions.

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  • Your wife needs to know that you adore her. She needs to know that she is and always will be your dream girl! With your words and your actions, show her your love and commitment.

    1. Do not talk to her as if she is one of the guys.

    Your wife should feel that the safest place on earth is by your side. She needs to feel safe emotionally, physically and financially. We learn at a young age that a person is as good as his or her word. Do not be flippant about the promises you make to your wife.