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We have seen several user reports of similar behavior following iOS 11 updates. So you are not alone! First, make sure your device is connected to your fastest WiFi network. Toggle it off and then restart your iPhone. This removes your stored WiFi passcodes so have those available to re-enter.

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Once these reset and you connect to WiFi, test again. IPhone 6 just gets slower and slower with every update. I have an iPhone 8 Plus.

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I tried a variety of recommended fixes and nothing worked. I hope this helps others out there having issues! Thanks for sharing your tip about issues with images in Messages. What a strange one. I have an 8 plus with IOS. They can only go away after hitting dismiss on my lock screen. However the senders message does not appear in their message thread and they appear different than the normal banner on the lock screen.

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Kerry, We have never seen this issue or had people report it to us before. They may be able to provide additional guidance. Are these texts SMS or are they coming via iMessage? Please remember that this option will not erase any of your data or photos etc but will reset some setting preferences such as Wi-Fi information and other settings prefereces to default and you may have to set it back again to your preferences. Good Luck and keep us posted. We would love to learn about this one!! A first for us.

Mobile spy free download vpn jar for samsung sa - Spy thru cell phone

When I RECEIVE a message on iphone 8, see the message on the home screen, and press the messages icon to respond to the message, instead of the newly received message popping up, the last person I SENT a message to not the person who just sent me a message is the first image that pops up. In haste, I often answer the new message and send to the wrong contact that is the last person I had SENT a message to.

Any idea why this occurs, and is there a fix?

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After reading a message when I tap the arrow to go back to all messages it does not go back. I have to close out the app and keep trying. Now open Messages and press that link again for playing Game Pigeon—see if it shows up this time. Since updating the message app does not make the swoosh sound when sending but received messages have nit changed.

Each time i try something i send message to myself and receipt sound always occurs but send sound never does. Today my iMessages from my MacBook Pro are sending from an email address of mine, where it used to send from my phone number. Since updating to the latest version What can be done to fix that?

Different name display on the message with same number almost on all messages. What am i gonna do to fix this? Sorry, you are having trouble with Messages. Your problem sounds like an issue with your Contacts—perhaps duplicate contacts or problems when merging two or more contact lists together. Is there a fix for that?

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Any help would be appreciated. I am using Gmail as my default contacts list in settings. Does anyone have a fix for this issue? Started seeing the word Maybe in front of contacts I sent messages to in iMessage.